One Boom With Twenty Million Sperm

People always think that infertility problem is only on women side. Studies shows that men contribute 50% of the infertility among couples. Some people experience poor sperm in semen. Because sperm is microscopic you cannot see it with naked eye. High volume of semen don't mean high volume of sperm. The above product (spermboom) is made up of herbal supplements that enhance the lifespan, motility, maturation and healthiness of sperm. Boost your sperm with this herbal supplement. Being a herbal supplement it does not have any side effects. As a supplement it contains natural vitamins (not synthetic vitamin) that are antioxidant. Being antioxidant it prevent oxidation of molecules in the body that will release free radicals to cause diseases. Every diseases originated from the oxidation of molecules in the body to cause disease. E.g  somebody that has high level of glutathione will not experience malaria because glutathione will prevent oxidation of free radicals. Likewise someone that takes proper dose of vitamins such as Vitamin E A and C will not feel sick easily so this herbal supplement (spermboom) contains Vitamins in a right proportion that boasts, maintain motility healthiness and maturation of sperm also help in tissue development and those with chronic diseases like diabetes will benefit well.

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