5/5 Tips for Healthy Skin, Hair & Nails

For Healthy Skin:

1. Drink plenty of water during the day (around
    eight large glasses), to prevent dehydration
     and assist the elimination of toxins.

2. Recent research has shown that smoking
    destroys collagen, making skin age more rapidly.

3. Protect your skin from the drying effects of sun
    and wind. Dermatologists recommend the daily
    use of a moisturizer with a SPF 15 sunscreen.

4. Cleanse skin thoroughly every day, using either
a cream, or warm water and mild facial wash.
     Avoid pulling the fine skin around the eyes.

5. Avoid touching your face too much as this can
    spread bacteria. Squeezing blemishes can
    cause facial scarring.

For Healthy Hair:

1. When washing always use warm water followed
     by a cool rinse.

2. Excessive blow-drying can damage your hair.
     Hold the dryer at least eight inches from your
     hair and keep it moving.

3. Even when trying to grow hair, the ends should
    should be trimmed every eight weeks. Splits can travel
    right up the hair shafts if neglected.

4. Brushing stimulates circulation in the scalp and 
    distributes the hair’s natural oils to create shine.
    Natural bristles with rounded ends, and wide
    tooth combs are kinder to the hair.

5. Gentle scalp massage, using the finger pads,
     Promotes circulation and reduces scalp tension.
     Hair is nourished through the bloodstream, but is
     Sometimes lower on the body’s priority list. Trauma,
     stress or illness can switch nutrients away from the
     hair’s roots, to where they are.

For Healthy Nails:

   Nails are similar to hair in composition and rely on
   nutrients from the bloodstream for their growth
   and health.
1. To protect your nails, use the pads of your 
fingers to type or dial the telephone.
2. Frequent wetting and dying of hands can leave
nails brittle. Use rubber gloves every time you
wash dishes.
3. never cut the cuticle or use any instrument
4. Manicurists recommend filing nails in one direction only.
5. Hands and nails are often dry. Keep a rich
cream with sunscreen in your bag or desk
drawer and re-apply during the day.


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